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Stent unleashes your full social selling potential. Powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies, Stent targets the right people at the right moment with the right message. Stent is much more than another social selling platform, it’s where data-driven intelligence meets human business intuition.

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Build your brand, empower your team

Stent offers an advanced best-in-class AI platform for organizations looking to increase business opportunities, recruit better talent and easily implement an employee advocacy program.


Nurture the right audience, at the right time

For maximum social selling returns in a minimum amount of time, your team can benefit from Stent’s unique AI matching algorithm, unleashing the power to engage with the right people.


Unleash your full social selling potential

Stent combines an engaging mobile app and an intuitive company dashboard to intelligently plan and automate some of the more time-consuming processes of your social selling initiatives.


Grow globally with Stent

Headquartered in Ireland with offices In Canada and France, Stent’s network reaches the key global areas of North America, South America, Western Europe and Asia, and prides itself in offering the most sophisticated AI prospecting tool dedicated to helping cities and organizations in their economic growth.

Stent leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help identify valuable contacts, predict the highest conversion ratios and give you the best insights on how to engage with your audience. Whether you're scouting for business leads, recruiting qualified employees, seeking investors, attracting international students or promoting your city on the global market, our AI Platform will help you generate and engage with more meaningful connections.

We provide our clients with cutting-edge, best-in-class competitive intelligence and lead generation services to maximize their stated investment prospecting and business development objectives.

What our clients say

Cyrielle Bonola, Advisor

„The results with Stent have been impressive and enabled us to raise our digital game to achieve an incredible return on investment from a brand new marketing initiative. Thank you to the team at Stent for being an essential part of Montreal International’s evolution on a daily basis!

Cyrielle Bonola, Advisor

International Talent Attraction at Montréal International

The Process

To achieve concrete results, you need to know where you want to go and how you want to convey your brand message.



This stage consists of a meeting with our team to evaluate two major elements:

  • Understanding your short and medium term strategic planning.

  • Analyzing and determining your optimal market positioning.

Following this essential meeting, we'll be able to tell you what it takes and how to make the most of this opportunity.

Build Your Branding

  • Improving your profile to position yourself as a real opinion leader.

  • LinkedIn profile audit and suggestions from our virtual assistant.

  • Stent helps you grow your SSI score (Social Selling Index) 

Build Your Branding
Target Market

Target Market

In a network of +1 billion professionals, entrepreneurs and qualified candidates, there are probably several thousand contacts relevant to your business. It is essential to define your targeted audience and perfect persona through our qualified growing knowledge graph. Stent will enable you to engage with them through the proper communication channel with the proper message and the most relevant nurturing initiatives.

Content Marketing

Stent's unique Content Scheduler offers to publish any relevant news from your blog or any relevant articles of your market in order to position your subject matter experts (employees) as opinion leaders and to strengthen business relations with your future prospects. We provide the best full time virtual community manager through our mobile app accessible to all your employees.

Content Marketing
Conversion Strategy

Conversion Strategy

In order to strengthen your network by finding decision makers and then gaining their trust, Stent will automate intelligently several important steps that usually require hours to spend on social networks. Most importantly, we always keep you in charge of validating any automated daily recommended activities.

Maximizing your reach

All the new data converted into your structured knowledge graph will provide multiple opportunities to run complementary social initiatives maximizing your audience reach on all type of channels. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google AdWords..

Maximizing your reach
Nourishing your CRM

Nourishing your CRM

All valuable data captured through Stent can be imported to your favorite collaborative tools and CRM. Mondays, Teams, Salesforce, HubSpot..

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