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May 5th, 20204 min read

How to Unlock Your Social Selling Potential with AI

Social media has emerged as a top customer touchpoint over the last decade. How are you leveraging your social network to drive conversions and sales? We take a look at how intelligent social selling platforms can help.

Social media is increasingly becoming a key component of the modern customer journey. Regardless of the business you are in, your customers have come to expect a seamless omnichannel brand experience, and social media play a big part in it. A typical customer journey today may begin with a brand’s social post and then transition into an email nurture campaign or result in a direct purchase online.

However, truly standing out in a world full of digital noise and building real engagement is no mean feat. Your move to digital marketing from traditional marketing can be a touch transition, but with the right strategies and tools in place, you can create long-term engagement that positively impacts your bottom line and boosts your ROI.


How Social Selling Platforms can help you win in the Digital Age

All this talk about the customer journey, engagement and digital marketing ultimately leads to a fundamental question — can you put a dollar figure to your customer relationships? Short answer — yes. Social selling has emerged as a key sales strategy for organizations of all sizes. The recent Salesforce report titled, ‘Socially Exceptional: How Top Marketers Shine on Social Media’, states that 61 percent of high performance marketers use social publishing tools extensively, and 54 percent use social listening to drive ROI. Social media is no longer a good-to-have sales channel but a necessity for forward-looking sales teams.

Before we dive into how social selling tools help, let’s understand what social selling really means. Simply put, social selling is defined as a sales strategy that leverages social networks to attract the right audience and build sustainable business relationships. As a sales professional, you can use social selling to achieve your targets by answering prospects through tailored, thoughtful content and social interactions. It is about building relationships, developing your personal brand, driving brand visibility across social channels, and most importantly, delivering value to your target audience through insightful content.

Now, this might seem like a complex process involving many working parts and tools. It doesn’t have to be that way. Integrated social selling platforms like, offer a single platform to deliver connected, cross-channel experiences to customers. leverages artificial intelligence to help sales teams gather customer data from different sources, including multiple social channels and platforms, and create a cohesive brand narrative resulting in higher conversions and increased engagement.

Here’s a look at how a typical social selling campaign works:

Step 1: Discover meaningful content

Step 2: Publish relevant content

Step 3: Build your network: Connect with your audience

Step 4: Segment your leads: Hot vs. Cold

Step 5: Review profile views

Step 6: Review post activity

Step 7: Review accepted invites

Step 8: Engage, nurture, and Sell

Social selling platforms like enable you to begin your social selling journey from your mobile device. Stent helps you connect with the right people, convert leads into sales, and collect valuable data that will improve your social selling potential. It is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals improve their social selling potential on LinkedIn powered by an intuitive mobile application.

Begin your Social Selling Journey Today!

By using the right social selling tools like Stent, you can discover more opportunities, and effectively manage your social accounts and leads. After all, relationships have always been the cornerstone of successful sales strategies, and social selling makes relationship building effortless in the digital age. So, if you’re looking to start your social selling journey, a capable social selling platform is your biggest ally!

Contact us for a demo to see how Stent can amplify your social selling potential.



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