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May 18th, 20203 min read

Stop guessing. It's time to start data-driven hiring.

Learn how you implement a modern candidate selection process — one that’s streamlined, experience-driven and backed by data.

Thanks to PromptStentAI will enhance its existing HR matching hiring program and bring it to a new level.

Automate manual tasks

Take a good look at your current processes and automate those tasks that take up a lot of your time.

If you want to stand a chance in today’s candidate-driven job market, you need to innovate in your selection process.

Efficiency-wise, you should streamline your multi-sourced candidate flow, and automate messaging and various manual tasks.

In terms of data, the most important thing to keep in mind is to use valid data.

StentAI HR process

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  1. Look for qualified candidates on Stent’s knowledge graph of over one million candidates (or other well-known social networks such as LinkedIn) using the available filters to narrow down your selection. Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter have these necessary initial filters to find your first round of candidates.

The most important thing is to make sure the list of candidates is ranked based on your specific needs and align with your business fit and culture. When the proper weighting of the most important key elements is done:

2. Run your saved search through StentAI’s predictive matching process.

  • The new ranking will allow you to prioritize candidates who are a better fit with your business, are more likely to accept the position, and have at least an interest to initially engage with you.

  • Many factors can have an impact on a candidate’s decision to simply consider engaging with you. Initially, this is the only thing you need.

3. Your list of prerequisites will determine if these potential candidates will want to continue with the hiring process.

  • The ranking of all of these important elements will vary based on your HR manager that best knows their business and corporate fit with future employees.

  • Most importantly, this will help you decide how you want to approach these new candidates to increase your chances of having this initial necessary engagement.

  • Based on a simple score (1 to 4), the weighting of all these key factors will allow the proper ranking of the candidates and highlight and recommend to the hiring manager what might be important elements to include in the initial discussion to increase the engagement level (for example, a candidate who’s part of one of your employee’s existing network).

When that work is done, the list of candidates will be ranked based on all important elements and a semantic tool will highlight what could be added to each of the messages to enhance engagement ratios.

After any campaign launch, StentAI analyzes all types of engagement signs, negative or positive responses to a personalized message, comments and likes on a post, and then predicts who to invite, when to invite them, what to say and where to engage with prospects for optimal results in your hiring initiatives.

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