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June 12th, 20204 min read

Unleashing Code Institute’s full social selling potential.

There is an ever-increasing demand for skilled software developers. Based in Dublin, Code Institute (CI) bills itself as Europe’s leading online bootcamp. CI provides new software developers with educational, professional development and employment opportunities. Students benefit from programs with personalized, structured timelines that they can complete in a year while still working.

CI offers both full- and part-time remote programs via online learning programs leading to university credit-rated diplomas. This flexibility, along with highly competitive pricing, allows CI to differentiate itself from other similar institutions. As well, students benefit from dedicated tutoring time, weekly senior developer sessions, mentoring, financing, and career advice and placement.

CI also offers a Diploma in Tech Fundamentals for non-technical professionals that allows them to get and stay up to date with the latest terminologies and methods, develop technical literacy, and understand development processes, skills, languages and IT tools. As well, CI nurtures prospective developers considering careers in software design through a five-day coding challenge that helps them understand coding from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

CI has strong ties with major industry players. Its Industry Advisory Council is made up of industry employers (including giants such as Microsoft, PayPal and Salesforce), recruiters, academics, enterprise organizations and startups. The council promotes education standards, validation and guidance on CI’s programs, and employment support. CI also boasts an impressive roster of hiring partners, including Apple, Google, IBM, Facebook and SAP.

Code Institute faces the challenges of both attracting the best students and then promoting its graduates to companies. CI wanted to implement an effective and value-added social selling strategy, and turned to is a next-generation social selling and lead generation platform that leverages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to give organizations and users the information, insights and indicators they need to nurture their LinkedIn prospects, increase their presence and establish their branding. is a superb addition to our business development toolkit. The technology provided is powerful and intuitive. Also, Philippe and the team at are very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

— Lee Lindsay, Channel Account Manager, Code Institute

Social selling to attract and promote talent in a global market

Social selling is a modern sales strategy that pushes rich and relevant content through social media channels (such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) in order to develop and nurture prospects. helps organizations by providing a structured and efficient tool to grow their networks, enabling them to nurture not just any audience but the right one. monitors anything and everything going on in users’ LinkedIn networks, sorts through the noise and gives them the best and most relevant information they need when they need it. will calculate lead scores for every contact, with the best ones automatically sent to a CRM for a follow-up call to action. Every lead’s full LinkedIn journey is included, providing all the relevant data.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and features a unique, proactive and responsive cognitive language assistant for social selling activities. The Stent A.I. assistant reaches out to you with pertinent information, such as when people in users’ networks change titles or companies. Stent’s data intelligence provides live tracking of who opened messages, who reacted and how, who commented and what they said, who clicked on the included links, who visited the sender’s profile, who connected or refused to connect with them, along with countless other insights. Everything is available via an intuitive dashboard with clear and relevant analysis, and all data can easily be transferred to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Code Institute’s implementation

Code Institute and the team worked together to develop and implement a social selling strategy through the platform. Various campaigns were created to target and nurture prospective corporate clients looking to provide training to their employees. Also targeted were companies finding themselves unable to adapt to the labor shortage, a reality being faced by organizations worldwide. allowed CI to segment their existing and new contacts and leads in order to personalize very specific introductory and nurturing messages. With Stent, CI was able to enhance their database of prospects with relevant quality insights, including a prospect’s complete marketing journey, such as whether they clicked on links included in messages, what content they read, reactions and comments left on LinkedIn posts, and numerous other valuable data points. CI integrated with their new HubSpot CRM. The knowledge graph and all of the data was imported to the CRM.

Rapid results, relevant insights, top prospects

Thanks to, CI was able to find 16,606 qualified prospects and over a period of a few months made 5,821 new connections. CI then sent 5,593 nurturing messages to these new contacts and got 1,214 signs of engagement, resulting in dozens of hot leads.