Privacy Policy

Stent is dedicated to safeguarding your personal data and is committed to maintaining a high standard of security and privacy in compliance with GDPR, ePrivacy, and Canadian Laws. All our marketing communications adhere to CASL and ePrivacy standards, and our commercial prospecting and targeting practices are conducted ethically. Our data processing is founded on demonstrable legitimate interest, and we implement robust security measures to protect your valuable data. We are responsive to individual requests under GDPR.

Lawfulness of Processing

Personal data collection and processing are legitimate, based on a legal basis identified in accordance with the objective and context in which it is processed

Purpose of Processing

We strictly use your personal data for the defined purposes, ensuring that it is not used for any other undisclosed reasons.

Period for Keeping Personal Data

We establish a limited period for retaining your personal data, aligning with the purposes and the legality of processing.

Security and Privacy

Stent prioritizes the protection and security of your personal data. We take necessary measures to ensure an appropriate level of security, considering the risks associated with each type of processing.


When collecting your personal data, we will inform you about our intentions, how we plan to use it, and whether we need to share it with other parties.

Right of Access

You have the right to confirm the status of your personal data. You can request erasure, portability, restriction of processing, or object to the processing.

User Data Collection

We collect user data for specified and legitimate purposes. The types of data collected and the reasons for collection are clearly communicated to users.


The processing of user data is conducted with utmost care, adhering to the principles of fairness, transparency, and confidentiality.


Personal data is stored for a defined period, in compliance with legal requirements and the purposes for which it was collected. We employ secure storage measures to prevent unauthorized access.


In certain instances, we may share your personal data with third parties, only when necessary and in accordance with applicable laws. Transparent information regarding such sharing is provided to users.

You can find detailed information about our obligations and your rights related to our services in the Terms and Conditions on our website and in our mobile applications, as well as in the Privacy Policy